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        Welcome to Under One Woof! 
Under One Woof  was born of a love of dogs and
is the result of sole proprietor Chris Johnson’s  vision of one quality facility where folks  with various canine skills could come together and offer their services to fellow dog lovers in the community. 
Unlike other large “industrial” type dog facilities that can be found in surrounding larger towns, the goal was for something smaller and more personalized with a partnership of professionals doing what they do best.  
Under One Woof is located  in 
the town of Antrim
New Hampshire and offers
Good Dog Training & Grooming
We round out this
offering of services with our 
small but eclectic retail shop 
which is filled with quality hand
chosen dog products: treats, toys,
collars, leashes & more and a Food Club service allowing you to order at a savings from a select list of quality pet foods (cats too!) for pickup every 4-6 weeks.
 Please see our mission statement, below
Loving the dogs of Antrim & beyond since 2006
~~~~Our mission statement~~~~
 at Under One Woof is to provide loving & compassionate care, opportunities for training & further education, the best products we can find, fun for you and your dog & referrals to other dog professionals when needed. We believe in a holistic and balanced approach to dog care encompassing all of the important aspects of a dogs life; from training, grooming, exercising mind & body, feeding, fun and overall health. We strive to offer assistance, encouragement, compassion and guidance to every human/dog team or family that walks through our door.  Last but not least, we try to do this at prices that the average family can afford!
Come Play/Learn/Groom with us!