These are the basic foundation classes for teaching your dog to be a well mannered, joy to live with pooch.
Classes begin with our 1day INTRO CLASS and from there you move into our Levels open enrollment format classes which are ongoing weekly classes. You purchase a group of classes, but sign up from week to week for your next class as best suits your busy schedule* and move up through the levels at your own pace.
Please note that the intro class is the first in the series NOT a stand alone class!

Levels Class Schedules & Content:
Intro Class-one day,first class in the series,not a stand alone class,must attend prior to entering level 1
Sat 8/17/19 noon
Sat 9/21/19 2:30
Discussion of positive reinforcement training, basic management techniques, brief question & answer,  body
handling, followed by the introduction of clickers (if desired) & beginning work on attention, sits, downs & stands. 
Levels 1-3 (after attending 1 time intro class, above), open enrollment, sign up each week for your next class:
Fall-Spring (Labor Day through June):
Saturday mornings:
Level 1 9:30 Attention skills, sits, downs, stands, sit for greeting (no jumping), touch, body handling
Level 2 11:00 Recall, Wait, Leave It, body handling
Level 3 12:30  Leash Manners, Stay, Go To Place, body handling
Please note that levels sometimes get switched to different times or an extra class added in an attempt
to accomodate the majority of our students needs.  You will be notified well in advance of any changes.
Summer (July through Labor Day):
Level 1: Tues 6:45pm 
Level 2: Wed 6:45pm 
Level 3: Thurs 6:45 pm

Package Price Options (cash or check only):

Please plan on a minimum of 4-6 classes to complete each level. The intro class is included and counts as one class.  Once you have used up your initial class package, you may continue if you choose by purchasing additional classes (Continuing Ed)  The price of classes also includes a clicker (if desired) and our Good Dog Training Handbooks. 
Initial classes (include intro class):
8 classes $176 ($22/class), includes intro class. Must use within 16 weeks
10 classes $210 ($21.00/class), includes intro class. Must complete within 20 weeks
12 classes $240/ ($20/class), includes intro class. Must complete within 24 weeks

Continuing Ed, after completion of one of the packages, above:
                Individual classes, $22 per class
                4 classes, $84 ($21 each)
6 classes, $120 ($20 each)
8 classes, $152 ($19 each)

*Classes are dependent on having a minimum of 3 dogs per class. Individual classes may be cancelled on any given day
due to lack of registration. We will notify you as soon as we know about any schedule changes.
Thank you in advance for your understanding!

To Register: contact Chris Johnson by email or phone  588-2030
Agility For Fun Classes!
See details, below.
Does your dog have special needs requiring Private Sessions?
We can refer you to someone who can help!  Please call or email to discuss your needs.

Our classes are small by design and only positive reinforcement methods are used.
To be effective, training should be fun for dogs & people alike.  Positive training with your dog builds the human/canine bond  and leads to a relationship based on trust and cooperation. Please call or email to sign up for class and request an application which must be sent in along with your payment to formally register and hold your spot in class.  As always, space is limited so sign up today!

These seasonal outdoor workshops are devoted to Recalls (coming when called) and Loose Leash Walking (polite leash walking).  These clinics are held outdoors in our fenced one acre field at Under One Woof.
(classes may be rescheduled in the event of rain).
            Cost: $44 per session of 2 classes.
        Schedule:  Seasonal classes only, none scheduled at this time

*Prerequisite: UnderOneWoof Good Dog Obedience class or equivalent

  To Register: email , phone  588-2030

Agility For Fun! 
with Chris Johnson
Agility classes are back at Under One Woof! These classes are geared towards having fun with your dog, without an emphasis on competition.  Obstacles that we'll be working on will be tunnels, weave poles, various jumps, pause box, rocker board, ladder & hoopers.
Prerequisite: Under One Woof Basic Good Dog Obedience classes through at least Level 1 , or the equivalent.

Schedule:  Seasonal classes only
     INTRO: Sat 8/10 10:00am   $25     
  MORE FUN, the next level*:  Sat 8/17 & 8/24 10:00 am $48 for both days or $25 for one
* for dogs who have completed the intro level, or have done agility previously

To Register: email Chris at , phone 588-2030


These excellent seasonal single day workshops concentrate on helping your dog to stay focused and polite while out and about in the world.  Each class begins with a review of some basic focus skills and then will proceed with walking, practicing stays, settles and recalls, and even just hanging out in distracting areas around town, crossing streets, meeting and greeting people & dogs etc. Only friendly dogs please! If your dog has issues with reactivity or aggression, this is not the class for you.

Prerequisite: Under One Woof Basic Good Dog Obedience classes through at least Level 2 (or the equivalent). Dogs who've yet to learn good leash manners should come equipped with a good no pull harness.
Classes will be held in various locations around Antrim & may be rescheduled in the event of rain.
You'll be advised as to specific meeting places each week.
Please make sure to come equipped with poop bags and wear comfortable shoes for walking
Schedule: None Scheduled at this time
Cost$22 per class

  To Register: email to , phone  588-2030

Mind Games!

This class is all about having fun and challenging yourself and your dog with tricks, games, proofing daily skills, learning new behaviors and just generally having fun with your dog and fellow dog lovers!  This class is offered periodically as single, one day sessions . Minimum 3 dogs/class, max 4.
Schedule: Sat 1/26/19 9:30 & 11:45   FULL!
   Sat 3/2/19 9:30 & 11:45  FULL!
              COST: $22 per class

To Register: contact Chris by email or phone 588-2030